To JOT or not to JOT…

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New to the world of digital marketing? Join the club!

After having done various types of work – from sales in a call center, up through accountancy work and on to writing, teaching and presenting a radio show – I decided that it would be a good idea to find a new challenge and to throw myself into something completely new. Luckily for me, JOT agreed!

My first forays into the world of acquiring and monetizing traffic involved a lot of new terms being thrown at me and trying to keep up with conversations involving an average of ten million new acronyms per sentence!

I was just getting my head round CPCs and CTRs when suddenly I was dealing with RPMs, MCCs and CPAs and trying to figure out how they all related to DSAs… If I’ve just lost you too, I’ve included the meanings of these acronyms at the bottom of this article.

The team here at JOT, however, have been massively supportive and helpful since day one.

They have shown that they’re willing to invest in me, provide training and respect my opinions as well as listen to my (occasionally far-fetched) ideas. The team manages to balance being very hard-working with being fun and has a breadth of skill sets and knowledge that just makes you want to be a part of it immediately.

Plus, this is easily the most international team I’ve ever worked in, and I’ve worked in a fair few! We’re from Spain, Turkey, France, Germany, America, Poland, Britain, Lebanon and Vietnam. When you combine the perspectives, experiences and abilities of people from so many corners of the world, you can’t help but come up with interesting, innovative ideas!

I’ve already learnt a ton of new skills in the short time I’ve been here, and I’m eager to learn loads more. You can check out other articles on this blog to learn more about various aspects of online marketing. If you need a hand getting started in digital advertising, SEO, SEM, monetizing traffic, or anything along those lines, then trust me, you’re in good hands.


Nick Keyte, Project Manager


Here are those acronyms!

CPC – Cost Per Click: what the client pays the search engine every time a customer clicks one of their ads

CTR – Click-Through Rate: the percentage of people that click your ad when they see it

RPM – Revenue Per thousand impressions: how much revenue you get every time a thousand people have seen your page

MCC – My Client Center: a tool in Google Adwords for managing accounts

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition: where the client pays for a specific type of acquisition (a sale, a click, signing up to a mailing list, etc.)

DSA – Dynamic Search Ads: search advertising that doesn’t involve keywords


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