Testing & Learning with Ads

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In our business, it is important to constantly test & learn in order to improve our optimization techniques and maximize performance. Here are a couple of tests I carried out recently and what I learnt from them.   Test # 1  Description: test Keyword Dynamic Insertion tool (DKI) on the headline 1. Insert DKI on the headline with and without … Read More

Interning at JOT Research Lab

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Hi everyone. My name is Daniel. I live in Madrid and I study telecommunications engineering. As a student soon ending his university studies, I was wondering: Should I get a job? I sent many emails to many companies in order to find an internship. I then received an answer from a company called JOT Internet Media which said: “We would … Read More

“Amazing holidays” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone

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Same search query – different expectations People spend about 21% of their time searching online. When users type a search query into a search engine, they are showing a very clear intent towards a product or a service. This information can be very valuable. However, a search query can have very different meanings depending on the person who is entering … Read More

{keyword: Valentine’s day}

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One of the most interesting aspects about managing online advertising campaigns is seeing how internet users use search engines – in other words, what they search for and when. Not surprisingly, the weather as well as specific events (be it elections, live entertainment events, holidays, etc.) have a strong influence on what people are searching for online. As part of … Read More

The Increasing Role of Data in Digital Marketing

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Every click, every pageview, every interaction is a data point. From a statistical point of view, a data point is a set of measurements of a statistical population. In digital marketing, a data point is a potential opportunity to know your user better and optimize your digital strategy.  At JOT, data is critical for our goal: to help our partners … Read More