Testing & Learning with Ads

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In our business, it is important to constantly test & learn in order to improve our optimization techniques and maximize performance. Here are a couple of tests I carried out recently and what I learnt from them.   Test # 1  Description: test Keyword Dynamic Insertion tool (DKI) on the headline 1. Insert DKI on the headline with and without … Read More

Interning at JOT Research Lab

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Hi everyone. My name is Daniel. I live in Madrid and I study telecommunications engineering. As a student soon ending his university studies, I was wondering: Should I get a job? I sent many emails to many companies in order to find an internship. I then received an answer from a company called JOT Internet Media which said: “We would … Read More

The story of how we increased our pages/session by 50% with only a slight change

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Here at JOT Internet Media, our main objective is to send very high-quality traffic to our partners’ media properties. When one of our partners is a publisher, the KPIs we use to measure this traffic performance are bounce rate, pages/session, average session duration… All the metrics that show users’ engagement with the publisher’s content are the ones that we are … Read More

“Amazing holidays” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone

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Same search query – different expectations People spend about 21% of their time searching online. When users type a search query into a search engine, they are showing a very clear intent towards a product or a service. This information can be very valuable. However, a search query can have very different meanings depending on the person who is entering … Read More

Shocking! Ad Copywriter Skills Revealed!

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7 Tips to create great ad copies Throughout the years, ads have appeared on many different printed media: newspapers, direct mail, magazines and billboards but in recent years, they have reached the internet and became part of every blog, online newspaper and website. This evolution, although taking a variety of shapes and forms, has always depended on one main factor: … Read More

{keyword: Valentine’s day}

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One of the most interesting aspects about managing online advertising campaigns is seeing how internet users use search engines – in other words, what they search for and when. Not surprisingly, the weather as well as specific events (be it elections, live entertainment events, holidays, etc.) have a strong influence on what people are searching for online. As part of … Read More

Reach New Audiences Online with YODA

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YODA – Digital Marketing Made Simple One of the biggest digital agencies in Spain and one of the largest audience acquisition companies in the world have come together to create YODA. Ad efficiency and high-quality traffic generation software Technology and knowledge to make the most sophisticated digital marketing available to the smallest budgets Nowadays, more and more people are buying online … Read More

You’ve got great content. But are you reaching the right audience?

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Your site is full of incredible content and you know it. Great journalists, editors, product managers and content strategists are working with you to keep creating new content on an ongoing basis. Your IT department has indeed pulled it off. The user experience left everyone in your team speechless. You have something worth visiting. “So why aren’t I getting more … Read More

Display Advertising: Get more from your Content

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Why Content Distribution? Is it worth spending money on ads to distribute and spread your content on the internet? Despite the fact that you can get a lot of traffic with a good SEO & social media strategy, there are many reasons why you should buy ads to get more from your content. First of all, organic traffic (SEO & … Read More