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In our business, it is important to constantly test & learn in order to improve our optimization techniques and maximize performance.

Here are a couple of tests I carried out recently and what I learnt from them.


Test # 1

 Description: test Keyword Dynamic Insertion tool (DKI) on the headline 1. Insert DKI on the headline with and without phrases. Try to understand which option gets better CTR and cost.

We introduced 5 different ads in French campaigns. Two of them have the full DKI on the title.

Let’s see what results we got from the test.

On average the ads with the full DKI on the title get more cost and always a better CTR.


And finally, if we look at avg. positions, we can see that the ads with full DKI always have better positions and that explains why they get better CTR as well.


Conclusion: it’s always a good practice to include the full DKI on the headline 1 as it always gets a better cost and CTR.


Test # 2

 Description: Introduce one new ad with full DKI and remove the ad with DKI plus a phrase on the headline 1. Analyze the performance to see which one performs better.

We had two ads, one of which has a full DKI on the headline 1 and then we introduced a new one, also with full DKI.

When we analyzed the ad performance before uploading a new ad, we saw that the ad with full DKI had a better performance in terms of cost and CTR:

In terms of cost, we can see that the new one gets more cost than previously the Ad without full DKI.

And regarding the CTR, the new ad outperforms the old one.

Conclusion: This confirms our previous test, it is always a good decision to have a DKI tool implemented on the headline.


So here you have a few examples of the many tests we are carrying out every day to improve our online advertising efforts and maximize performance. I can’t share all of our secrets but I hope this was useful and you can replicate in your own initiatives. And if you need any help, you know where to find us!

Karen Khondkaryan, Project Manager

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