RIGA Project “Smart Reasoning system for massive audience correlation in content Galleries”

This project aims to develop an innovative marketing tool enabling the automation of the tagging process in content galleries and the selection of the most adequate audience for impact maximization according to the client criteria.

The success of the project is conditioned to the development of the following technical tasks:

  1. Definition of KPIs to determine if the content is relevant for the audience.
  2. Tagging module for text and images galleries
  3. Artificial Intelligence module to identify the audience microsegments that better fits with the content
  4. Automation of launching of digital campaigns in Facebook and Google
  5. Monitoring the performance of the campaigns and reporting
  6. Optimization of the campaigns based on the business indicators
Project TSI-100105-2017-5 is partially funded by Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital, under the programme Acción Estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital – Impulso Tecnológico 2017