How the climate and specific events influence online searches

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The advances in the way we process and analyze data allow online advertisers and eCommerce actors to innovate and take into account factors that until now were only assumed or unknown.

It seems obvious that both the weather and cultural or sporting events (among other types of events) influence user searches, but to what extent do they do so? How can this information be incorporated into marketing campaigns and eCommerce?

JOT Internet Media, through its participation in the European project H2020 EW-Shopp is participating with other partners in Europe in the development of a specific tool to identify these factors so that they can be used by online advertisers and eCommerce actors.

In general, we can identify the traffic generated for specific keywords people type in search queries. On the graph below, you can see the traffic for the keyword “strike”. This data comes from Germany in February 2016, where there was an airport strike on February 7th.  You can clearly see a strong increase in the traffic generated for that keyword and the correlation with that specific event is clear.

Through the careful analysis of traffic increase in keywords of certain categories or themes and their correlation with the climate or specific events, patterns emerge, and we can draw conclusions and learnings to use in the future whenever these factors repeat themselves.

Another example is the last World Handball Championship. Analyzing keywords related to handball items and with this sport in general in Germany you can see a clear increase in the traffic generated on match days.

Thanks to these learnings, online advertisers and eCommerce actors can tailor their online marketing strategy to specific events and take more efficient measures to achieve their objectives (special offers, more aggressive bids …).

Learning to link these external factors with your organization’s own data and learn how to use them can have a very positive impact, especially in the online world where competition is fierce.

Have you thought about how these factors influence your business?


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