SOLOMON Project “Social Local Mobile iNdoor shopping experience”

In SOLOMON, an international team of companies from Austria, Turkey, Spain and Romania works on an open innovative shop operations & experience platform that connects different technologies and information sources for seamless services that can be interacted with by retailers, shop personnel and consumers.

In the context of enhancing the shopping experience for consumers SOLOMON emphasizes mobile device mediated interactions in sensor enriched physical environments (e.g., WLAN, Bluetooth Beacons, RFID, NFC, digital screens, etc.). In these environments, consumers interact with digital touch points using their mobile phone/smartwatch as mediator for service interaction and service consumption.

1. Digital Touch Points: Digital in-store touch points create new shopping experiences for consumers that are capable of delivering information by consistently and flexibly combining technologies such as immersive environments (augmented reality, digital signage, interactive smart displays), localisation and guidance, smart objects, etc.

2. Online Services: Online services provide the web presence for the retailer offering a personalized shopping experience based on shopper behaviour data gathered from both in-store and online systems.

3. Consumer Behaviour: Consumer behaviour is captured by identifying trajectories, analysis of the behaviour during online sale process, groups of consumers (family/friends), influencers versus followers and classifes shoppers based on behaviour. This data is analyzed to better understand consumer mood and expectations and makes it possible to connect this information to augmented reality and immersive spaces that in-store infrastructure, i.e., digital touch points, provide.

4. Mobile Apps: Mobile Apps for Smartphones/Wearables mediate the communication between consumers and services provided by the brick and mortar store. They act as mobile sensors and collect data that is used for the analysis of consumers. Moreover, they let consumers to complete their shop operations such as payments, campaigns and getting product information in store domain

5. Platform: A common platform orchestrates the consumer experience and links in-store infrastructure, consumers and shop operations together, providing interaction mechanisms with selected technologies and services, and measure the impact and ROI of the innovative experiences deployed in the shop.

Project TSI-102105-2017-2 is partially funded by Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital, under the programme Acción Estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital – EUREKA 2017

This Project has been labelled by ITEA 3 with number 14025.