Facebook: A consolidated option

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To say that social media is a fundamental tool for digital marketing is no longer a risky statement. It’s a euphemism, really.

Indeed, the advertising industry took for granted what in some years has become a reality. Every year, social media traffic and markets grow even higher and, after 7+ years in the market, social networks have shown they are a profitable source in which we should invest a significant part of our marketing budget.

The most important question to consider when designing a social media marketing strategy is: which of them fit my needs better?

There is no universal answer, businesses are present in more markets than ever before and a case by case analysis is required. In any case, there is one network that stands above the rest as a reliable and extremely targetable network: Facebook. Its prominence is supported by the vast amount of advertisers present on the network and the general consensus that this network offers the best ROI.

However, the success of a product does not just depend on where it is advertised but instead relies on the quality of the product/service itself and the strategy applied to its communication. What we can conclude from this data is that Facebook should be the first option to invest in, and that if we do so wisely we will maximize our chances of increasing profit.

In digital marketing, it’s always crucial to know where to invest with the best possible return.

Jorge García, Project Manager & Display Advertising Specialist


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