The Increasing Role of Data in Digital Marketing

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Every click, every pageview, every interaction is a data point.

From a statistical point of view, a data point is a set of measurements of a statistical population. In digital marketing, a data point is a potential opportunity to know your user better and optimize your digital strategy. 

At JOT, data is critical for our goal: to help our partners reach new audiences relevant to their specific business. We provide our partners with the highest quality traffic from well-known sources, and data enables us to really optimize our audience acquisition campaigns. You may ask yourself: how does this help out with something apparently simple and straightforward like acquiring traffic off of SEM channels? 

It turns out that a lot can be learned from users flowing through campaigns and behaving on a landing page. By interpreting behavioral patterns, we can establish user intent and, for example, determine at which stage of the conversion funnel they may find themselves in. 


This feedback is used as an additional input in our optimization strategy, which allows us to tailor specific actions aimed at this user. Our business has transitioned towards a more data-driven approach in the past two years, primarily thanks to close relationships with our partners which allow us to deeply integrate our systems and algorithms into their destinations.

Apart from search audiences, you can also get valuable data (sociodemographic, interests) from display traffic from platforms such as Facebook, the Google Display Network and understand user interests and likes. Launching traffic towards a landing page is only the first stage of a successful audience acquisition strategy, and we’re always thinking of “the next step” that can have a significant impact.

Each business is unique and generates its own statistical population. At JOT, thanks to our data analysis, our digital marketing partnerships are focused on the user. We leverage this to further increase our efficiency and fuel our success with our clients. If you want to discover new and efficient audiences for your sites, you know where to find us!


Gustavo Toran, New Business Project Manager

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