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7 Tips to create great ad copies

Throughout the years, ads have appeared on many different printed media: newspapers, direct mail, magazines and billboards but in recent years, they have reached the internet and became part of every blog, online newspaper and website.

This evolution, although taking a variety of shapes and forms, has always depended on one main factor: Writing The Perfect Ad Copy.

Writing the perfect ad copy, although a bit underrated, is and will always be considered one of the most important factors that determine the success of an ad.

When writing the perfect ad, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of the readers and try to understand their needs. In the following article, I will give you my 7 copywriting tips to help you capture the attention of your audience at any moment or situation.

  • Do your research

Before starting to write, it is always important to understand the topic that relates to the ad. The ad copy writer should do his proper research to make sure he has sufficient info about the topic he is about to write about whether it is sports, health, or even celebrity news. It is impossible to connect with your reader/customer without having done your own research about the topic you are about to cover.


  • Understand your audience

It is essential to base your copy writing style on the type of audience being targeted. Writing an ad targeting teenagers require a different writing style to that of ad copies targeting a more mature group of audience. It is important to understand that every group of audience can be addressed in a different style and pattern. To achieve perfection in this sector it is important to do hundreds of tests of styles until you feel the ability to connect with your audience.

  • Understand your goal

Writing an ad copy should always be based on the goal of the ad which can vary between selling an item, visiting a landing page or signing up for a newsletter. It is essential to set a goal before starting writing. This will give more meaning to your ad and you will eventually connect better with your target audience. Having no goal set before writing an ad is an error that several ad copy writers fall into when writing their ad copy.


  • Make your ad “powerful”

It has been scientifically proven that people are affected by powerful words in ads. Powerful words are very helpful in selling an item or an idea and usually catch the attention of the reader immediately due to how they relate to his daily needs.
Powerful words can be words like: Free, Easy, Best, Love, Health, etc.
With such words, the human mind unconsciously surrenders to ads and the result is more conversion coming from these ads.

  • Connect with your reader emotionally

Using emotional phrases and triggers can massively influence the success of an ad. Making the reader connect emotionally with your words is the key to making him/her click a link or read the content you are sharing.

Here are some examples of emotional phrases: “Magical Advices that will change your life”, “Revolutionary plans that will make you lose weight” or “Effective Ways to succeed.”
The words “Magical”, “Revolutionary” and “Effective” are emotional words that create trust between the reader and the writer. Eventually the reader is clicking on your ad or visiting your website based on the emotional trust you build with him/her.

An additional way to connect with your reader is to speak directly to him/her. For example, writing “You Will Earn Thousands” is more powerful than saying “We offer thousands”.


  • Don’t underestimate the curiosity factor

The human mind is a curious one. And in most cases wants to know more about any mysterious news or topic. This is something marketers who aim at getting click or visits to their landing pages take advantage of the most. In these types of ads, it is essential to provide the reader with a little part of a story / a short preview of the topic, without giving everything away, making him/her feel the urge to click on the link or visit the blog to know more.
Words such as “Confidential”, and “Secret” or “Behind the scenes” are often used for such type of ads. Here is an example of an ad: “Secret News are Released”. In such an example, the reader will be curious to know what type of news got released, who released them and why it is a secret.

  • Avoid clickbait:

Many copy writers, when trying to make the reader curious, fall into the trap of clickbait and eventually fail with their ads. This can also happen when the ad is misleading or contains incorrect information. It is critical to maintain your reader’s trust. Failing to avoid clickbait can result in the loss of faith of the reader and eventually the failure of not just this ad but eventually all of your ads.


A Good Copywriter is one who combines his passion and knowledge to write the perfect ad copy taking into account some useful tips that he inherits from experience and years of trial and error. We hope these tips have been helpful to you and remember “Practice makes Perfect”!


Nader Hilal, Account Manager

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