Retargeting: Your Best Ally

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Retargeting is a digital marketing technique where advertisers target users who have visited their website in the past using banner ads on display networks across the web. Retargeting helps advertisers increase their conversion rate by only targeting users that have had a previous experience with their brand (qualified users), even though that experience did not lead to a conversion or a purchase. Retargeting is a great way to maximize the value of these initial visits by bringing back these users to your site, hoping their second visits will convert.


But How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting isn’t a permanent spyware that crawls every visitor of the webpage and displays ads to every user. It is a cookie-based technology implemented by adding a few lines of code in the webpage using JavaScript. These lines assign a unique ID to every visitor by dropping a cookie file in their web browser. When the visitor surfs on webpages, the retargeting provider (such as Criteo or Google) will read that cookie and show ads specifically chosen for that user within their display inventory. Simple, right?

To be really effective, retargeting should always be implemented along with other digital marketing initiatives such as SEM/SEO & Content marketing.

SEM/SEO + Content Marketing + Retargeting = Maximum ROI


Is retargeting useful?

Retargeting has many benefits, and it is particularly interesting for companies who have a great volume of users.

Campaigns designed for retargeted users give better conversion results because you are targeting qualified users who have already interacted with your brand, potentially already have a need for your service or product, and are more likely to complete a transaction.

Moreover, retargeting helps companies increase their marketing reach, their brand awareness and user engagement.


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