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YODA – Digital Marketing Made Simple

One of the biggest digital agencies in Spain and one of the largest audience acquisition companies in the world have come together to create YODA.

Ad efficiency and high-quality traffic generation software

Technology and knowledge to make the most sophisticated digital marketing available to the smallest budgets

Nowadays, more and more people are buying online the products or services that they need. Building an efficient digital marketing strategy without the support of a specialized agency can be quite difficult if you’re not an expert. In order to have access to digital marketing, those with restrictive budgets can either hire a specialist, hire an agency or learn digital marketing on top of their daily tasks.

Although all companies are aware of the importance of digital marketing, only large companies with significant budgets have access to digital marketing services, leaving all small and medium businesses (SMEs), with their reduced budgets, behind.

T2O and JOT have been working hard to try and solve this problem and created an innovative digital marketing software named YODA (Your Digital Agency). A very affordable solution specially conceived and developed for SMEs. YODA creates, optimizes and analyzes ad campaigns to reach new prospects and help SMEs bring/grow their business online.

YODA integrates the main digital advertising platforms – Google Adwords and Facebook Ads – to increase efficiency and reduce the effort necessary with a holistic solution: multi-device, cross-channel, multi-language. On top of that, YODA analyzes how traffic is behaving and optimizes campaigns on a daily basis (24/7) to improve conversion and deliver the best possible results for our clients.

High-Quality Results
Zero Technical Knowledge Required
No Hidden Fees
Simple Price Structure
Affordable for All Budgets


For a very affordable monthly flat fee paid for using our services, SMEs are able to decide how much to invest on digital marketing in order to get:

  • The creation and optimization of ad campaigns by our experts on both Google and Facebook.
  • The access to real-time and user-friendly reporting services to track progress and performance.
  • The creation of personalized landing pages focused on maximizing conversion.
  • Call campaigns, geographical targeting and ad schedules based on the specific needs of each SME.
  • The creation of communication channels with SMEs’ customers and prospects interested in the SMEs’ products or services.



All you need to start is to give us your website’s URL, tell us how much you would like to invest on a monthly basis, the telephone number where you would like to receive your customers’ phone calls and we’re ready to go.

Easy peasy!


After this quick and easy process, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Invest as much as you want on digital marketing – YODA will charge you the exact investment made on digital advertising, no more, no less.
  • Manage the campaigns as you like – you will be able to increase or decrease budgets or even activate and pause campaigns.
  • Get access to a cutting-edge technology.
  • Get access to third-party integrations on a single platform.
  • Focus on performance with results-oriented digital marketing activities for a very affordable price.
  • Be flexible – We adapt to the need of each of our clients.



And last, but not least, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a high-tech software capable of reaching the following performance indicators[1]

  • Increase in qualified traffic of 300% compared to manually managed by the SME.
  • Average CPC is 50% below market CPC.
  • Time reduction of 90% in launching and optimizing ad campaigns.
  • Top 3 positions on Google.
  • Manufactured audiences on Facebook for each type of YODA’s customer.



All of the above have made us worthy of being awarded the Excellence Seal as Highly Innovative Project by the European Commission under its H2020 Program!


Let us help you focus on your business while we take care of your digital marketing

YODA – Digital Marketing Made Simple

Camilo Fernández, COO of YODA


[1] Average performance indicators obtained from various types of businesses whose campaigns were created, optimized and improved using YODA. 1,000+ campaigns have been launched with YODA in Europe and Latin America during 2017. 


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