Innovation for A Data-Based Digital Marketing Approach

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High-quality traffic at a huge scale

At JOT, we specialize in the generation & monetization of very high-quality web traffic for premium partners. We help our partners acquire new audiences relevant for their specific business, sending them the very best quality traffic from trusted sources and optimizing our campaigns in real time across countries, languages and devices on multiple platforms. The key to achieving this is the design, development and integration of a complete set of data processing modules, enabling our account managers to customize the campaigns in real time based on analytical data.


We have implemented a unique framework to automate the data collection via APIs from the most popular portals like Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads (among others), enabling us to implement a multi-channel/multi-device approach to get information in any country and any sector or category and inform our optimization efforts effectively. This enables us to provide the best service possible for our partners, and help them reach new audiences at a scale they could probably not reach on their own.

However, to make this massive data acquisition possible, our technical team had to adapt our platform to work on the Big Data space (high volume, variety of formats and processing velocity). Our first initiative has been to migrate all of our databases to the Azure Cloud, solving scalability and data accessing problems and enabling us to generate large personalized datasets for our partners’ projects, but also for advanced experiments and R&D activities.

With the aim of taking advantage of all the value of this data, during the last few months, we have also started to collaborate with machine and deep learning experts. Here the goal is to generate decision-making and reporting solutions in order to support and automate the optimization of the bidding process and increase the digital campaign impact based on our partners’ specific criteria. 


Improving our efficiency for our partners while giving back to the industry

At JOT internet Media, and more generally at Cube Ventures, we have been working on developing innovative tools & technologies for Digital Marketing for more than 10 years. Our goal is to provide our partners with the most efficient and high-quality service possible, but also to give back to the industry and pioneer some of the research initiatives that could change the way companies advertise online, reach new audiences, prevent fraud, etc. The possibilities are endless.


More recently, a dedicated business unit, JOT Research Lab, has been created, merging knowledge and capabilities from the IT, business and marketing departments. I am currently managing this unit as Strategic Funding Manager, in close collaboration with our CTO, Francisco Rodriguez. Our main goal is to coordinate the development of innovative solutions and generate synergies & alliances with European entities enabling our participation in funded programs, like H2020, EuroStars, Celtic-Plus or ITEA.

Within such projects, JOT may play two different roles:

The first one is big data provider due to our existing database of 8 Tb that is updated daily with new 10 Gb of info covering all kind of statistics on consumer activity on the Internet.

The second one is end user, using our historical database to validate the accuracy of learning algorithms, reporting and visualization tools or evaluating the performance of communication agents.


Based on these capabilities, we are currently involved in various H2020 projects:

Currently, JOT’s team is working on the definition and development of further European projects dealing with digital marketing campaigns based on galleries, web traffic prediction based on learning algorithms, digital user profiling to enrich the brick and mortar shipping experience and some new exciting ones that will be revealed in the next weeks.

In addition, we have also developed national projects in order to stay close to the market and give back from our expertise. An example is the CDTI project “Brokerage Platform: Genetic algorithms and RTB technology to improve conversion rate” during the period 2015-2016.

As part of Cube Ventures, JOT Internet Media is also implementing support and consultancy actions within the group and with external companies to encourage them to participate in this kind of projects and keep on investing in technological developments as the key value for market differentiation.

In conclusion, we think that an efficient digital marketing approach should be based on analytical data at a huge scale. Our technical team will continue to search for ways to improve our processes to give the best service to our partners at a scale that would not be accessible to them otherwise, and I will keep looking for more opportunities to collaborate with project partners in order to improve the data value chain and give back to the industry as a whole.


Dr. Fernando Perales, Strategic Funding Manager

Francisco Rodriguez, CTO


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